The Trump Election by Christoph Hermann

The Trump Election by Christoph Hermann

The democracy crisis, the neoliberalism crisis, and the crisis of the Democratic Party led to the victory of Trump. Capitalism is largely deregulated with a comparatively meager public sector except for the defense industry.

Appointing former generals suggests a militarization of the border and domestic security is coming. The greatest unknown is the announced infrastructure investment package of billions of dollars. The legitimation crisis of neoliberalism will create new possibilities for an emancipatory left.

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  1. Marc says:

    100 Days of Trump
    by Ethan Young,, April 2017

    With a bewildered and troubled figurehead in charge, the first 100 days have been a constant power struggle in which very little has been settled, but in the process longstanding rules have been broken, lives ruined or ended outright, and the traditional standards for political leadership, in decline since Nixon, are now all but erased.

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