VIDEO: Jon Stewart tries to stop government shutdown

Jon Stewart tries to end the government shutdown: The Daily Show on October 8, 2013

and VIDEO: “97% Owned” – Economic Truth documentary, 59 min or 2hr 10 min
“Growth can’t come without debt and debt brings down the economy.”
“We can’t grow without debt and yet debt brings down the economy… Private banks create money out of nothing and lend it to us. Printing money has gone digital… Bailing out banks perpetuates a system that will never work anyway… Money is gambled on the financial markets… Banks caused the crisis and we are called to pay for this. Private banks can’t be trusted… Money supply doubled in seven years 2000-2007 in the UK… Houses could be seen as places to live instead of places to invest… Money should only be used for productive purposes to control inflation… The system redistributes from poor to rich, from small businesses to the financial system… The bank sector is becoming more inefficient and parasitic to the whole economy…”

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