Video: Tom Hayden, Listen Yankee! (2015), 1 hr

Tom Hayden, the passionate rebel against the Vietnam war, died at 76. Rest in peace, Tom, and thanks for all you did in your lifelong work to make America just and future-friendly. Hayden was a warrior for peace and against war, bigotry and inequality.

to hear his 1 hr address in March 2015 at the Commonwealth Club in SF, click on

Reader comment – Paul van Winkle in 2010

By 1967, all major military targets in Vietnam had been destroyed. There were 500,000 troops stationed in Vietnam, and we were spending 2 billion dollars a month — yet there was no evidence the North Vietnamese were weakening. In fact, the bombings, and the destruction of fields and crops, only increased support for the Viet Cong.

The US government consistently lied to the public about casualty rates, both US and Vietnamese casualties, and about the North Vietnamese ability to fight – constantly claiming that there was “light at the end of the tunnel.”

We can assume history’s repeating itself. Without collective public outcry, and a moral authority, how will does any war and the associated costs cease?

“Trump’s Only Way Forward” was Tom Hayden’s last article on his website The Democracy Journal.

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