The unconditional basic income – a social concept for Europe, 38pp

The time is right for alternative economics after the “money-out-of-nothing” phase. The financial markets must be shrivelled and the public sectors expanded. Profit-making is different than profit-maximizing. Economics as now taught is like brainwashing (cf. Christoph Thielemann). The neoliberal model is increasing profit, not investment (Nikolaus Krowell).

to read Christoph Keller’s 38-page Bachelor’s thesis “The Unconditional basic income – a social concept for Europe” at the University of Southern Denmark, May 23, 2011, click on


The social budgets in Western societies are exploding due to demographic changes and the interrelated pension entitlements. In addition to that, the social divide between rich and poor widens with increasing structural unemployment. The writing is on the wall, society needs nothing less than a new social contract. This paper questions whether an unconditional basic income fulfills the egalitarian aspirations of European nations and contributes to social justice and unity. On the basis of egalitarianism and social capital theory, the concept of an unconditional basic income is assessed against the backdrop of empirical European examples of the contemporary social division. It is concluded that a basic income scheme can serve as a tool, to significantly increase equality and social justice in society. The resultant detachment of income and employment certainly changes the inherited ways of reasoning. Preferably sooner than later, the ‘old’ thinking will need to be overcome, in order for societies and budgets to benefit.

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