Free Internet Book: “The Future of the Welfare State,” Ireland, 2010

The Future of the Welfare State – 2010 – Full Texts

The Future of the Welfare State was published by Social Justice Ireland on September 21, 2010.

The full book is available here

Chapter one, entitled ‘The future of the welfare state: An Overview’ by Tony Fahey is available here.

Chapter two, entitled ‘The welfare state across selected OECD countries: How much does it really cost and how good is it in reducing poverty?’ by Willem Adema is available here.

Chapter three, entitled ‘Shaping public policy: Is there a place for values-led debate and discourse in the public sphere?’ by Daniel O’Connell is available here.

Chapter four, entitled Shaping the futrure of the welfare state – What are the challenges and how might they be addressed? by Sean Healy and Brigid Reynolds is available here.

‹ Sharing Responsibility in Shaping the Future – 2011 – Full text

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