Rethinking Prosperity

Rethinking Prosperity

Maybe our thinking about prosperity needs radical reconfiguration. The Gross Domestic Product measures everything but what makes life worthwhile said Bobby Kennedy.

Unlike a chair, an idea can be shared by a whole people. Time for alternative economics, reducing working hours and work fetishism, exchanging roles and redefining work and for time sovereignty and resisting instrumental rationality normalizing the absurd (cf. Jurgen Habermas).

Harry Kravitz as a “buyout artist” gained $35 million a year or $100K a day for selling off parts of businesses and of course paid no tax. Elizabeth Warren and Joseph Stiglitz are teaching the nation that Warren Buffet should pay more tax than his secretary. Hedge fund and buyout artists are enjoying a guaranteed basic income – thanks to system myths, profit-making blindness and enforced conformity. Time for system change; the slow ones now will later be fast. changes life into an open door if we are not overwhelmed by anxiety.

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