Liberalization of Public Service: A Democratic Achievement is Subjected to the Rules of Competition by Christine Wicht and Carsten Lenz

Trump turns away from everything touched by Obama and paves the way to the Dark Age. Will this be the 11th century when illiteracy and narcissism are accepted and not overcome? Here’s a link to “Liberalization of the Public Services” by Christine Wicht and Carsten Lenz. Happy reading!
Public service guarantees and influences the essential living conditions of our society and has a proven tradition in Germany for over 100 years. Privatizations have mainly led to private oligopolies which did not bring any improvements over state monopolies.

The quality of secondary education may not depend on the income of the parents. The social equality of all citizens is the purpose of state services. Corporations evade their responsibility toward society but expect an intact infrastructure on which they can depend.

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