The arc of history bends toward justice!

The arc of history bends toward justice (MLK). The welcoming tradition is part of American history, not only the traditions of fear and personal enrichment.

The one thing we learn from history is that we don’t learn from history. The bomb changed everything except the way we think (Albert Einstein).

Corporatist democrats seem to be 100% pragmatists and 0% idealists. Lies and trickery darken much of American history. 7.5 million tons of bombs dropped on Vietnam, 2.5 million tons of bombs dropped on Laos. According to Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party, Saudi Arabia has purchased $50 billion in armaments over the last decade and Israel receives $8 million of military assistance every day.

The elite never make a mistake; everything is only a learning experience. Bill Clinton said NAFTA would bring 1 million jobs to the US and instead 1 million jobs were lost, subsidized corn was dumped on Mexico and millions of Mexicans could not survive on their small farms. Bill Clinton revoked the Glass-Steagal fire wall between commercial and speculative banks, encouraged the creation of money out of thin air and had the gall to write “Back to Work.” Life and death matters, economic theory and truthfullness are secondary to financiers and cardboard politicians bent on their own enrichment. Sanders is the only candidate who would not lead us to WWIII and has principle, determination, consistency, love of life and love of the future and would help end poverty instead of ending democracy!

The TTIP, TPP and TISA are NAFTA on steroids, corporate rule run amok, refusing to live in a multipolar world where labor and nature have rights, refusing self-criticism and future-friendly economics, refusing to see market failure and state violence and the self-destruction of profit-worship and the inanity of thinking we are “albright.”

Jean Twenge in her book “The Narcissism Epidemic” explains that narcissism, the cult of specialness, was thought to be the ladder of success while it really is a terrible anti-social blindness that fades out others and blocks discussion (

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  1. Marc says:

    Veolia, a French company that owns an Egyptian waste removal firm is suing Egypt for lost profits because of a higher minimum wage. Vattenfall, a Swedish energy conglomerate, is suing Germany for 4 billion euros for closing two nuclear power plants.

    The US has run a trade deficit of $400 or $500 billion a year since 2000. We import twice as much as we export. We are like the Prodigal Son who squanders his inheritance or the tax collector who thanks God he is not like the others. We clean the outside of the cup and leave the inside filthy. We are the archtypes of waste and leaders of the race to the bottom. We see the speck in our poor neighbor but not the log of militarism and financial trickery in our own eye. We must radically change.

    At last in the financial meltdown of 2008, the crisis hit the center and couldn’t be shifted to the periphery. Shrinking the financial sector, expanding the public sector and abandoning Orwellian corporate free investment enrichment should be three lessons.

    The world will not continue to gobble up Coca Cola, rock n roll and financial products!
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