Go Bernie Go! Stop TTIP, TPP and TiSA!

How bizarre that Trump becomes an authority on trade and economic populism! The “non-issue” media seems like the Homo Oeconomicus, only interested in profit maximization even while cutting down the branch on which it sits. The corporate media subverts the will of the people by putting Trump at the head of Yahoo and Facebook most days and repressing or forgetting Bernie Sanders.

The parallel private arbitration system in the TPP, TTIP, and TiSA endangers democracy and the constitutional state by giving foreign investors special rights, allowing corporations to sue states and chilling the public sector and all labor and environmental protections if anticipated profits are threatened. When decisions are rendered in hotel rooms, the public is excluded and appeals are prohibited. Only the 600 corporate trade representatives read and discussed the documents.

Here are links to four new pamphlets on the TTIP from the German Union Alliance (DGB):

CETA and Labor Standards


CETA and Public Services


CETA and Democracy


CETA and privileged rights to sue states for corporations


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