Trade War and Zero Deficit Myth

Trade War and Zero Deficit Myth
by Stephan Krull and Beigewum Austria

State debts are often necessary and are not automatically bad economically. Investments are prerequisites of future prosperity. When private parties spend too little, the state must step into the breach. That the right measures are taken for the population is much more important than whether the balance of revenues and spending is positive, negative or balanced.

The alternative to neoliberal free trade is just trade.

translator’s note:
Immigrants don’t take our jobs or pensions but give the country hope. Food doesn’t come from the blue!

In the bank repeal with Democrats caving, lessons from Dodd-Frank were thrown overboard. In the tax heist, hearings were not even held and $5 trillion went to households with over one million dollars income! The big get bigger. Accumulate, accumulate and accumulate is Moses and the prophets, Marx warned!

Biblical Clues to a New Economy
by Ulrich Duchrow, March 2012, 15 pp
This article is the transcript of the talk
given by Professor Duchrow at the
Eye of the Needle – Conference
March 24th 2012, held at the Vassall Centre, Bristol

The crisis of our dominating Western civilization has deep historic roots that have to be
understood in order to analyze what is happening now and how alternatives can be
The roots of today’s structures and behaviours producing the crises
Today we experience the financial markets as the dominant force of our destructive

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