TransCanada sues the US for $15 billion under NAFTA

Orwell warned against Newspeak where lies become truth and slavery becomes freedom.

The TPP like the TTIP and TISA is a blatant threat to democracy and the constitutional state. A parallel private arbitration court system excludes the public, allows foreign investors to sue governments, makes decisions irrevocable and will have a chilling effect on labor and environmental legislation. Public interest is eclipsed by private interest. Anti-fracking, minimum wage, public sector workers, nuclear-closures, genetic engineering and regulations protecting labor and the environment are all endangered. Vattenfall is suing Germany for 4 billion Euros for closing two nuclear plants. Veolia, owner of an Egyptian waste disposal firm, is suing Egypt for lost profits because of a higher minimum wage.

TPP is NAFTA on steroids, a reflection of the “Anything goes” part of late stage capitalism. The 6000 page document that was negotiated in secret with 600 corporate lobbyists doesn’t even mention “climate change.”

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