TTIP: A Transatlantic Constitution of Corporations? by Pia Engelhardt and Peter Fuchs of the Corporate Europe Observatory, 2/14/2014

The TTIP, Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, endangers the economics, health and food policies of countries beyond the EU and the US. The Investor-State Settlement mechanism gives corporations the same status as nation states. Sovereignty is sacrificed to protection and profits of foreign investors. Philip Morris is suing Australia and Uruguay for lost profits because of health warnings on cigarette packages. Vattenfall, a Swedish energy corporations, is suing Germany for 3.7 billion euro for closing two nuclear power plants ahead of schedule.

Pia Eberhardt and Peter Fuchs are researchers with the Corporate Europe Observatory. To read their article published on 2/24/2014, visit


“Profiting from Injustice,” 76pp, November 2012. How law firms, arbitrators and financiers are fueling an investment arbitration boom. Corporate Observatory

Public Citizen. Global Trade Watch.

Trade: Time for a New Vision. The Alternative Trade Mandate, 20pp, January 2014
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