TTIP: Attack on Democracy and the Constitutional State

TTIP: Attack on Democracy and the Constitutional State

Call to a Mass Demonstration on Saturday Oct 10 in Berlin!

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The free trade agreements TTIP, TPP, CETA and TISA threaten to undermine and suspend democracy and the constitutional state. A parallel private ad hoc arbitration system is created that will meet sometimes in hotels and are ruled by corporate lawyers. Corporations can sue states but states cannot sue corporations. Through ISDS (Investor-State Dispute Settlement), labor and environmental protections can be called trade barriers. Corporations can sue for lost profits before private 3-judge tribunals whose decisions cannot be appealed and the public is excluded.

On Saturday Oct 10, a mass demonstration is called in Berlin against this Orwellian inversion of language and law. Do we live under Humpty Dumpty, words mean what I say they mean? Are citizens sovereign? Do corporations have responsibilities as well as rights?

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