TTIP: Corporate Interests Against Citizens

by Maja Volland, March 2015

The regulatory approaches of the EU and the US are fundamentally different. In the EU, environmental and consumer protection function according to the principle of precaution. State regulations protect the environment and health. The obligation to provide evidence that a product is harmless lies with the manufacturer or importer… Lower cost standards will prevail in free competition when standards between the EU and the US are harmonized.

The TTIP serves economic interests first of all and not safeguarding higher protective standards… At the same time the creative possibilities of governments in energy policy will be greatly minimized…

The TTIP was not conceived as an instrument to protect “sustainability” and high standards in the globalized economy. Rather TTIP threatens to disable or drive back democratic and regulatory processes for the benefit of corporate interests. Standards fall under thewheel while businesses gain more and more influence on political decisions.

On the other hand, a politics in the sense of the environment and consumers must set the rules of the game for global trade under very differently – namely oriented in the interests and needs of the majority of its citizens. But the TTIP is now miles from this.

You can download an Alternative Trade Mandate at
ATM should be easy to remember. 50 NGOs from Europe crafted this Alternative Mandate. States should be able to protect themselves from speculation and bank deregulation.

Corporations in the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership between the EU and the US, 800 million people)create a parallel private legal system of tribunals to sue states, e.g. Philip Morris is suing Australia and Uruguay for lost profits! Investor-State-Dispute-Settlement. The judge is a corporate lawyer and the tribunals often meet in hotels! Corporations can sue states but states cannot sue corporations and the decisions are irrevocable.

Sovereignty is given to corporations and legislators and communities are stripped of power. A “chilling effect” will end labor and environmental regulations. Violea, a French waste disposal company operating in Egypt is suing because of a higher minimum wage. Vattenfall, a Swedish energy conglomerate, is suing Germany for 4 billion euros for closing two decrepit nuclear plants! Some Europeans fear Americanization and privatization of public sector jobs, hospitals, universities, bookstores etc.

TTIP and TPP should be scrapped along with Fast Track! A million jobs were promised with NAFTA and 700,000 jobs were lost. Immigration doubled when US subsidized corn was dumped on Mexico! What a scandal to runaway from the negative effects of NAFTA and confuse night and day! John Hilary of World Against Want wrote a 58-page booklet “TTIP: Deregulation, Attack on Jobs and Destruction of Democracy” that was revised in February 2015.

call Sen Wyden at 503-326-7525

more at and

and John Hilary’s 58 page booklet “TTIP: Deregulation, Attack on Jobs and Destruction of Democracy,” February 2014

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