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Trump as a one-man crime wave

Trump, a one-man constitutional crisis, a one-man crime wave and a one-man sledge hammer of democracy (Noam Chomsky), was a pathological narcissist and a pathological paranoid, a chronic liar, fear-mongerer, child molester, slanderer, enemy of the poor, minorities, disabled, children and students who denounced the press as the enemy of the people and stole nearly a billion dollars while pretending to be a successful businessman. Roy Cohn taught him to blame others and never accept responsibility. The media gave him a platform worth billions instead of embarrassing and eliminating him as a “clear and present danger” and scourge of language and democracy. Caligula who appointed his horse to the Roman Senate, Hitler, Mussolini and Nebuchadnezzar were Trump’s predecessors in debauchery, vanity and nihilism.

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Mr. Assange never published false information

Mr. Assange never published false information
by Christian Kliver and Nils Melzer, Jan 4, 2021


Mr. Assange did not hack or steal any of the information he released. Whether we may agree or disagree with his publications, they can in no way be considered a crime. Prosecuting Mr. Assange would amount to “shooting the ambassador” rather than correcting the problem he exposed.

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8 points for a global agenda of structural change in a COVID-19 pandemic

8 points for a global agenda of structural change in the COVID-19 pandemic
by Jens Martens, Oct 27, 2020

“We can have democracy or concentration of wealth, not both,” said Justice Louis Brandeis, the longest-serving Supreme Court justice.

No, immigrants didn’t take our jobs and then our pensions. Selfish profit maximization, trickle-down prosperity, the invisible hand, shareholder value, NAFTA, corporate welfare, neoliberal myths and endless wars led to plutocracy and elite democracy. Poverty returns with misguided policy.

With banks “too big to fail,” we anchor our identity to an economy in collapse. Robert McChesney has urged a “Marshall Plan for Journalism.” The state makes itself poor by giving trillions to Wall Street banks. Authoritarian neoliberalism chooses ignoring and marginalizing instead of compromise. The state steals away from feeding and housing its people while corporations steal away from fair taxes. The misanthrope Trump magnifies the contradictions and unfairness in late-stage finance capitalism.

Covid reveals the self-destruction of capitalism. Making the poor invisible is the reverse side of corporate enrichment.

To millenials and non-millenials, Trump was the bull rampaging through the china shop Watchers of mainstream TV cannot tolerate criticism of conventional economics. One of fascism’s structures of insurgency, the centrality of the myth of a great national spirit undermined, stays intact – to keep a lid on things. Weimar beckons.

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Joy comes in the morning!

Happy New Year, out with the old and in with the new!

Thanks Georgia and America! Life could be full of play, exuberance, wonder, surprise, paradox, scandal, gratitude and children who know poetry – despite everything! Not everything is seized by the right-wing – 76 years after Hitler’s defeat!

The state that made itself poor by giving trillions to “too big to fail” Wall Street banks still sets private and special interests above public interests and replaces representative government with lobbyists armed with mountains of corporate money. Tax havens, stock buybacks, micro-second betting and insider trading are market distortions. Fair taxation means a wealth tax on the super-rich and tackling these distortions.

America, rich in things and poor in soul, faces a crisis of its democracy and its identity. “We can have democracy or concentration of wealth, not both” said Justice Louis Brandeis, the longest-serving Supreme Court justice.

Vancouver BC is a model of social justice and mosaic interdependence with its three-structure Refugee Welcoming Center built in 2014. So much could be learned in transportation, health care and intercultural learning! Its 26 community centers give working and nonworking an identity in the modern project. These centers are like a third way beyond state and market, a civil society without barriers, $4 casserole dinners, libraries, TV, game rooms and 3 hours of computers a day. The closed border means news about Vancity must be circulated by word of mouth.

“When the state trusts citizens, citizens trust the state,” said Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Can the state be active and supportive, not activating and punishing, creative and not inert and anemic? When the state only responds to corporate money, it becomes radically solipsistic, plant-like and only reactive!

Resisting the beginnings of fascism and authoritarianism means resisting manipulation and control, domination and spiritless tyranny in the guise of public concern and paternalistic health laws!

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Diagnosis and Therapy for Economic Plan B

Crisis and opportunity are represented by the same Chinese letter. In our total moral and political bankruptcy, why can’t we win people to an economic Plan B combining cooperation and cooperation?
Vancouver BC has 26 community centers that could be a third way beyond state and market. The US should be open to radical change and redistribution when its “senior advisors” (like Ivanka) turn out to be embezzlers!

The following questions reveal the contradictions of late-stage capitalism and the imperatives of radical change.

1) Is our financialized speculative economy dependent on draining foreign countries of capital, low interests, loans from banks and corporations, incomprehensible financial products and endless wars?
2) Has the financial sector made itself independent of the real economy and immune from systemic-structural change from the 2008 financial meltdown?
3) Since DC is full of lawyers, why can’t the chronic liar Trump be taken down because of malfeasance of his 300 companies?
4) Is it true that billionaires could give everyone a $3K check and still have more than they had in mid-March?
5) Why couldn’t the state seize the extra $70 billion gained by Bezos since mid-March and distribute it to the 50 states and hospitals?
6) What example is Amazon setting by not paying any federal tax for the last several years?
7) Are citizens dependent on an economy that is in a state of permanent collapse?
8) Did the TJN exaggerate in saying tax havens take $424 billion every day ($180 trillion every year) from the worldwide real economy?
9) Has the EU been effective in monitoring or reducing tax havens?
10) Are Delaware and Nevada tax havens?
11) Couldn’t everyone become researchers or translators with DeepL.com? Couldn’t academia.edu and openculture.com become public publishers?

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The US election as a turning point

The US election as a turning point
by Bernd Druecke, Nov 2016

The goal of anarchism is to interrupt the continued reproduction of domination. Therefore, we seek emancipatory methods of decision-making that organize social life without leaders, command and obedience. We need enlightenment, a free press critical of domination, counter-publics, and social movements that fight for the dignity of all people.

We will write history from below


John Bellamy Foster and Intan Suwandi, Covid-19 and disaster capitalism, 6/1/20
Monthly Review | COVID-19 and Catastrophe Capitalism, www.monthlyreview.org
The COVID-19 crisis is not to be treated as the result of an external force or as an unpredictable “black swan” event, but rather belongs to a complex of crisis tendencies that are broadly predictable, though not in terms of actual timing. Today, the center of the capitalist system is confronted with secular stagnation in terms of production and investment, relying for its expansion and amassing of wealth at the top on historically low interest rates, high amounts of debt, the drain of capital from the rest of the world, and financial speculation.

Income and wealth inequality are reaching levels for which there is no historical analogue. The rift in world ecology has attained planetary proportions and is creating a planetary environment that no longer constitutes a safe place for humanity. New pandemics are arising on the basis of a system of global monopoly-finance capital that has made itself the main vector of disease. State systems everywhere are regressing toward higher levels of repression, whether under the mantle of neoliberalism or neofascism.

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Corona Measures: When children are the ones who suffer (I and II)

Corona Measures: When children are the ones who suffer (I and II)
Interview with Michael Klundt, Dec 29 and Dec 30

The government seems to be abdicating its responsibility by 1) not supplying the population with masks, 2) not compensating people so they can stay away from workplaces, 3) eliminating school meals for hundreds of millions of children and 4) not including children in decision-making.

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Merry Christmas in Unhappy Times

Merry Christmas in Unhappy Times

All glory, laud and honor to the Redeemer King
to whom the lips of children their glad hosannas ring!

Jesus is the auto-basileia and the auto-aletheia, the kingdom of God in person and the truth of God in person. Jesus is the Messiah promised in the Old Testament who unites past, present and future. “For out of thee O Bethlehem shall come the ruler of the nations” (Micah). “Comfort, comfort, my people” (Isaiah 40), he has reconciled us with God, the Creator out of nothing. Jesús is the Light of the world, the true bread, the door, the shepherd, eternal life, the way, the truth and the life.

In the Sermon on the Mount, he beatifies the poor and proclaims the new laws of conversion or metanoia. In his parables, he describes the present and future kingdom of God The smallest mustard seed grows into the greatest tree under which all birds find shelter. The merchant sells all he has and buys the field upon finding the pearl of great price.

Jesus warned of the Great Apostasy, the Great Tribulation, when the hearts of many would grow cold amid famines, false prophets and false teachers. Ebenezer Scrooge and Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer carry the day once again. The misanthrope imagines himself as a great genius, the only one who understands banks, the economy and foreign relations!

Hating taxes and hating the UN leads to misanthropy where human rights are subordinated to Lolita Express and lies, narcissism and profit maximization drown out truth and where social justice is forgotten and only the propertied have enforceable rights.

Hope sets us apart from the rest of creation. We can go beyond everything past and present in the power of the coming, the power of promise and anticipation (Jurgen Moltmann, Theology of Hope).

We have dual citizenship and should “obey God more than man” (Acts) when the media and the state are only infatuated with themselves and make criticism and alternatives taboo.

Darkness and loss seem omnipresent, not merry and bright. America is rich in things and poor in soul, expert at judging the elections of other countries and inert and anemic at rectifying its own moral and political bankruptcy!

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Invitation to New Thinking

Invitation to New Thinking
by Mechthild Schrooten and Michael Klundt


One virus changed everything. Covid-19 has managed to do what all the discussions about climate change and justice in recent years have failed to do. Phenomena that threaten humanity are no longer a theory. The pandemic has made the risk of our extensive lifestyle tangible. For this global crisis is not an exogenous shock. Rather, crass, profit-oriented globalization has fueled its spread.

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Many Crises – One System: Counter Power in Catastrophe Capitalism

Many Crises – One System: Counter Power in Catastrophe Capitalism
by Martin Haller, John Hegerty and Thomas Walter, 7/14/2020

A revolution does not come out of nowhere, but emerges from the struggles in the here and now. The point is that we can only fight for social or ecological progress against capitalist principles.

These three articles are translated from the German on Marx21 at www.linksnet.de. Happy reading and happy research!

Unlike a chair, an idea can be shared by a whole people.

With encouragement and humility, everyone could be a translator or researcher with www.DeepL.com, www.openculture.com, and www.academia.edu.

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