Amazon, the Elephant in the Bookshop

Amazon, the Elephant in the Bookshop
by Attac Germany and the Alternative Economic Policy study group in Bremen, Germany, 2018 and 2010

Amazon is one of many examples of a gigantic problem. International corporations shirk from contributing their just share to financing the community. Complicated corporate structures enable exploiting loopholes and differences in the law. They are supported by hosts of advisers and lawyers who have created a “tax avoidance industry.”

The Alternative Economic Policy study group urges abandoning strategies of redistribution from bottom to top. Everyone must be included in economic growth. Work pay must increase, working hours reduced and the social state developed and not dismantled.

For financing, taxes must increase tremendously. In the past, the cause of the much deplored state indebtedness was excessively low taxes. Therefore, the top tax rate and corporation taxes must be raised. In addition, a one-time wealth tax must be levied with an immediate reintroduction of the property tax. A public investment program of at least 120 billion euros could be financed along with additional state indebtedness. The Alternative Economic Policy study group admonishes again a democratization of the economy. The 40 million dependent employees in Germany must finally have equal rights to capital in the economy.

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