Right-wing Populism: A Wave of Nostalgia

Right-wing Populism: A Wave of Nostalgia
by Cornelia Koppetsch, 8/23/2018


For decades, western societies were marked by processes of pluralization, individualization, and liberalization. Why are attitudes and pressures of society against these trends becoming dominant? Why are escalating inequalities leading to the rise of right-wing protest movements and not primarily to renewed capitalism criticism?

Fundamental changes in the social morality and social praxis of modern societies are the causes for the rise of the new right-wing parties. Right-wing populism is anti-liberal and invokes authoritarian life forms and strong communities.

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  1. Marc says:

    Marc on Nov 4

    Profits explode while investments (particularly public investments) stagnate. Neoliberalism has led to exploding inequality and paradise for speculators, tax-evaders, and owners of capital. The poor, workers, the young, seniors, minorities and the disabled are left to the myths and illusions of democracy. Authoritarian capitalism is protected by a spineless, sycophant media and branches of government.

    We clean the outside of the cup and leave the inside filthy. We see the speck in the Central American’s eye and not the militarism and selfishness in our own eye. We are awash in the bitter fruits of the myth that only owners of capital have enforceable rights

    Trump, the chronic liar (8.3 a day for 600 days according to the Washington Post), the bankrupt casino owner, and pathological narcissist should be embarrassed and upended by our media. Instead, he is given a platform worth billions and wages a war on the poor, seniors, children and students, the Departments of Education and the Environment, language, and democracy.

    The midterm elections on Tuesday will show whether the people understand that $8 trillion in the GOP tax bills was given away to households with over one million dollars income. For the first time, there were no hearings, compromises, concessions, or countermeasures as procedural justice was consigned to the dustbin.

    Public policy is different than a sledge-hammer or wrecking ball. Trashing all progressive achievements is a perversion and cynicism that replaces principle and self-criticism with wishful thinking and magical thinking.

    Trump has been a never-ending fountain of lies and vulgarities. He travels from city to city with terrible things to say about all other countries, other leaders and his girlfriends! Maybe the Trump party will be sent to the dustbin!

    more at http://www.citizen.org, http://www.freembtranslations.net, http://www.onthecommons.org, http://www.grin.com, http://www.openculture.com, http://www.therealnews.com

  2. Marc says:

    Right Wing Populism And The Social Question
    by Nikolaus Kowall and Fabian Lindner
    11/4/2017 socialeurope.eu


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