Happy Canada Day! The TPP and Canada

Happy Canada Day! A little inspiration, hope and encouragement from our sister and friend to the North!

The TPP and Canada by Scott Sinclair and Stuart Trew, May 22, 2015, 4 pp

This 4-page fact sheet provides readers with background on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a 12-country trade and investment treaty negotiation that began in 2008. The fact sheet outlines some of the issues and consequences of Canada’s involvement in the TPP, as well the kind of restrictions the TTP puts on government policy and regulation. – See more at: https://policyalternatives.ca/publications/reports/tpp-and-canada#sthash.jEbtoYrF.dpuf

more at www.rabble.ca, www.worklessparty.org, www.kickitiover.org, www.openculture.com, www.alternativetrademandate.org and www.citizen.org

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